Hippo and Al, Mending the Earth Through Food

Mending the Earth Through Food
We are your guides to restaurants, markets, food trucks, vendors, and more that offer responsibly grown and sourced food.
Hippo Birdie, ©Amy Kirkpatrick

I'm Hippo, a book-reading (yes, I did say book reading) hippopotamus from the African savanna and that's my best friend, Al, on my head.

In an effort to save our home and the rest of the world from the inexorable advance of industrial agriculture, we have added our weight (over 4000 pounds) to the vanguard of grassroots movements that are working to regenerate the Earth. Our specialty is sniffing out and telling you about the best places for food that will help tip the scale towards Earth-restorative traditions. We're starting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

Neighborhood Garden Group

Featuring the Garden at 1223 N. 117th Street

Before getting to the garden, I want to tell you a little story about Mary and her husband, Ed. After cutting down a black walnut tree in their yard, they were planning to have the stump removed, but the grandchildren had other ideas for it. “The little ones dance and sing on the stump – and all sorts of imaginary play . . .”

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