Lettuce, Garlic Mustard, Peaches, and Our Friend Booker

Here’s Booker. Even though he loves peaches, he shared some with me and Al.

Al and I just returned from a trip to Africa.

“We flew over the ocean on a giant bird!” said Al. “The species is unclear, but it was white with a beautifully colored tail. Hippo had to pay for a seat. Whoever heard of such a thing!”

“Three seats!” I said. “I had to pay for three seats! They said my rear was bigger than an elephant’s – which is definitely not true!”

Anyway, we are back and our garden is overflowing with carrots, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers, and all sorts of other things that we didn’t plant ourselves – but much of it still good food. All of our beautiful lettuce got a bit overdone and tastes bitter. Luckily, our small human friend Booker gave us some juicy peaches which we added to our lettuce salad. Yum!! We quickly picked the red currants from our bush, and, of course, we must eat those. Our friend Jeff gave us some beautiful cucumbers, Tony some green and purple beans. And then Helen and John offered some greens and we couldn’t say no to that! And giant zucchini keeps magically appearing at our door!

As you can see, it’s a lot of work to keep up with all the food coming out of the ground.

“We didn’t even get around to making mustard,’ said Al. “Our friend Tony made mustard from the seeds of the garlic mustard in his yard!”

Garlic mustard is generally considered a nuisance but we found the leaves to be tasty in the spring and the humans like the mustard made from the seeds.

“It’s a shame that humans are so partial to food in the stores,” said Al. “There are delicious treats right outside their doors. And it would be so nice for them to get outside and mingle with other species.”

Anyway, to get to the point – we have some wonderful humans we want to tell you about when we are not so busy eating . . . or swimming, napping, and reading. First up are The Tandem and Scales Family Farm.

“You won’t want to miss it!” said Al