mushrooms, ramps, and farm stands


There is such a hubbub about morel mushrooms that Al and I decided to join in the hunt.

After three days, we still have not found any, but we did find a decaying log covered in moss and some beautiful brown and tan mushrooms. “Bird feather mushrooms!” exclaimed Al. Our human friend Sonja from Peach Tree Organics confirmed that it is, indeed, bird’s feather mushroom, and more specifically, pheasant’s back mushroom.

“I knew it,” Said Al.

Some humans say it is so tough that they spit it out after one bite, but we learned – both from reading and tasting – that the young ones are tender and delicious. You can tell by looking at the pores on the underside. The older they are, the deeper and more pronounced are the pores.

As far as the morels, we will keep hunting, but If we don’t find our own, we will purchase some from Pink Teepee Farms. They have a table outside of the Belfre Kitchen in Delafield on Saturday from 9-1 where they sell food they have grown or foraged. We bought ramps last Saturday. Humans can get their morning coffee right there, too, from Belfre Kitchen. Here are some photos of our fun times:

Al and I look forward to seeing you in the woods, in the fields and streams, and at the markets!